Combining high tech with tradition

Although I learned and loved the art of leather craft in my early age as a teenager in our family business, I never involved professionally into it. I had to study engineering. Airplanes was more than a passion for me.

In the years passed by I collected many leather goods , always appreciating the craftsmanship of a fine leather product. The career though was heading in different direction from my original goal.
So, 4 years ago I decided that I had to do it my way. I built a small workshop with few tools and machinery, and started designing and building goods combining everything I learned from my life journey.
Originally started as a musical instrument case maker. Exotic materials such as carbon fiber composites were frequently used.
I admit the first two years were highly experimental & every instrument case I made was different. But I think I’ve proved my point delivering high end hard cases to anyone had the need of an extraordinary shell for it’s treasured instrument.
I’ve stopped making musical instrument cases 2 years ago and I devoted myself to leather eyeglass cases & accessories.

However if someone is interested in a high end case and cost is no object I’d love to talk it over.

Thank you all for inspiring me !

Kind regards


A small intro behind the name Celyfos *

* In Greek language this word comes from two words < cell (shell) + fos (light). Means Shell. Therefore it’s a shell for the most precious belonging such as light. The light is well known that comes as a gift from the sun that feeds all life in our planet. It also feeds our eyes!

Logo is an artistic abstract of a Nautilus. The perfect shell spiral with golden ratio proportions of 1.618
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