Combining high tech with tradition

Although I learned and loved the art of leather craft in my early age as a teenager in our family business, I never involved professionally into it. I had to study engineering. Airplanes was more than a passion for me.

In the years passed by I collected many leather goods , always appreciating the craftsmanship of a fine leather product. The career though was heading in different direction from my original goal.

So, 9 years ago I decided that I had to do it my way. I built a small workshop with few tools and machinery, and started designing and building goods combining everything I learned from my life journey. Originally started as a musical instrument case maker. Exotic materials such as carbon fiber composites were frequently used. I admit the first two years were highly experimental & every case I made was different. But I think I’ve proved my point delivering high end hard cases to anyone had the need of an extraordinary shell for it’s treasured instrument. I’ve stopped making musical instrument cases 7 years ago and I devoted myself to leather eyeglass cases & accessories.
Since that day I believe I make the finest eyeglasses cases in the market refining them daily

Vegan or Leather

Vegan Production and Use of Leather

When I started this project I looked for the best quality synthetic materials. This project was designed to be as low carbon impact as possible. Have you heard about eco-friendly leather? What exactly is it and how is it made? Firstly, can leather be eco-friendly? YES! Leather can be eco friendly when the products are tanned naturally without using of any chemicals. The manufacture of veg tanned leather does have the least environmental impact.
Here in Celyfos we use certified vegetable tanned leather and eco-friendly materials only !

I respect animals. I also note that a cow is never killed for leather, unless you are making ridiculously overpriced cars. Leather is a byproduct of the food industry. If people stop eating beef there will be no more leather. It’s sad that these wonderful animals die to make cheeseburgers. I think that we are honoring them by using the leftover hide in an object of quality.

If you want non animal products please tell me. Give me your thoughts on that topic.

Thank you all for inspiring me

Kind regards


A small intro behind the name Celyfos *

* In Greek language this word comes from two words < cell (shell) + fos (light). Means Shell. Therefore it’s a shell for the most precious belonging such as light. The light is well known that comes as a gift from the sun that feeds all life in our planet. It also feeds our eyes!

Logo is an artistic abstract of a Nautilus. The perfect shell spiral with golden ratio proportions of 1.618

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